Beaneath our Feet

Weathering and Erosion


Jiwi's Machines:

Get more inspiration from Joseph Herscher about the wonders of forces and motions.

Check out the Youtube videos below for inspiration about your science program:

SCOPE video (Arthropods)

See Mr Butchatsky's notes (below) for a reminder of what we saw...

The Narwhal - 'creature report'

Octonauts video:

Use the links below to find facts that relate to your section of the report.

This was our attempt at classifying animals in 3P!

Classifying Animals 

Here's the link to the BrainPop video:

Don't forget to take the quizzes and do the activities as well!

Want to know more about sea sponges? Check out this website and the video on it!


Check out this cool video about solids, liquids and gases!

Have a look at these animations to learn even more!

This activity will help you learn more about the melting points and boiling points of different substances.

For Fun:

Here's a silly song about changes of state. Why not try to write your own poem or song to describe how substances change from solid to liquid to gas (or back).

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