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Volume and Capacity

Problem solving - "Christmas Boxes"


Angles video:

Extension activities - 

Watch the video below about using a protractor.
Use your ruler to draw 5 acute and 5 obtuse angles in your maths book. Measure each of these to the nearest degree and record the measurement next to each angle.
Then try the Olympic Turns activity underneath.
Go on to Live Mathletics if you have finished.

How to measure angles with a protractor

Olympic Turns

3D Objects

Fractions on a number line

Here is the song we have been learning in class!

2D Shapes 

Jenny Eather's Maths Dictionary

Khan Academy activity - Hundreds, Tens and Ones

Time activities

Division Video

You will need: Math book, counters, pencil, post-it-notes and a worksheet.

2D Shapes

1. Use the dictionary to answer the questions below. Play the quiz while you are     there.

2. Write these questions in your maths book and answer them using the online       dictionary.

What is a ‘Polygon’?  

What is the difference between regular and irregular polygons? 

What is a ‘quadrilateral’? 

3. Complete the worksheet at the front of the classroom.
    Match the shapes with their correct name.

    Sort the shapes into polygons and/or quadrilaterals and glue into your math     book.

4. If you finish early there is a worksheet at the front of the classroom for you to     complete.

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