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The Earth's Environment

Learning about different perspectives on sustainability: 

Explore the blendspace below to learn more about sustainable agriculture

The links below will help you to find out information about your selected tree. Remember to read the information carefully!



Gum (Eucalyptus) Tree

Links to assist with your Connectedness Assessment


Gum Tree


How might these animals interact with the wattle (acacia) tree : 


Click on the link below to discover things you didn't know about the ANZACs!


Step 1. Design and Create your own State Park

Click Here! to select how you will present your State Park Task

Stage 2 will be following the Design or Engineering Process to solve this PROBLEM. 

But what is the Engineering Process?


PBL - Design and Create your own State Park

Task: In groups, students design and create a state park for the local area. They may choose to present their park design in one the following ways:

Minecraft 3D Model Multi-modal

Students are to make design choices based on collected data from their target community.

Students will be asked to write a reflection explaining the features of their state park and justifying their design choices.


GE2-1 examines features and characteristics of places and environments

GE2-2 describes the ways people, places and environments interact


ST2-5WT Applies a design process and uses a range of tools, equipment, materials and techniques to produce solutions that address specific design criteria

ST2-14BE Describes how people interact within built environments and the factors considered in their design and construction

ILP - Relational and Collaborative Contributors

Student Checklist

Date Given
Date Handed in
1 - T1: Wk 6
Research of Problem - Library Task
2 - T1: Wk 7
Chosen and Completed
3 - T1: Wk 8
Problem and Data Collection
Working on now
4 - T1: Wk 9/10
Planning - Justification

5 - T1: Wk 10/11

6 - T2: Wk 1/2

7 - T2: Wk 3
Evaluate - Final Justification

8 - T2: Wk 4

Students will click here when we are up to the CREATE Stage for all the Minecraft information.


Australia Day Headlines

Go to the link for your topic. Write 5 headlines to summarise the main points on your sheet. If you have finished you can do the same for another topic!

Watch the Playlist for Australian Day Ads over the years.

Australia Day History

Slang Challenge

Australia Day as an Indigenous Person


Activity 1: In your HSIE book write a persuasive piece about whether you think the punishment your convict received was fair or unfair. Remember to include:
  • An introduction that states your opinion
  • Three arguments supporting your opinion. Remember the three E's - give an example, state an expert opinion and explain what you mean.
  • Restate your opinion and summarise your argument.
Activity 2: In your HSIE book create a list of similarities and difference between the crime committed today and a crime committed in 1788. Write below whether you think the justice system in 1788 was fair or unfair. I have started an example below. See how many similarities and differences you can list.

Crime: Stealing a handkerchief

 1788 and 2015 
 1788 and 2015
Both a crimes

1788 - you are sentenced to 7 years transportation
2015 - 

Activity 3: If you were in charge of England in 1788 how would you change the judicial system?

Blendspace: Journey of the First Fleet

Follow the link to find out about the journey of the first fleet. 

Collect the worksheet from the front of the class. Draw a line on the map to show the route that the boats took and colour the map in. Once complete glue it into your book.

Case Study

Case study: John Walker. Work with a partner and explore the case of John Walker. Use the information to answer the questions on the worksheet.

Use the link below to answer questions about the types of people held in the hulks.

This Term we are looking at British Colonisation.

Our entry event was on Wednesday. We met in the senior study centre where high school students, acting as guards, ushered us into a court room. The judge called us all to order.
Four prisoners (played by our teachers) from 1775 tried to convince the judge that they were innocent. They told their stories and pleaded for mercy but in the end they were sentenced to seven years transportation.
It was a fantastic morning!

HSIE Presentation: Whose land is it anyway?

This was our unit on the discovery of Australia in 1770. 

Students selected to research either: The British Perspective or the Aboriginal perspective of the same event. 

Below are their final presentations

These links will help you to complete your research assignment

Aboriginal Places

Click on the link to explore the Blendspace. Complete the worksheet. Then print and stick into you HSIE book.


Explorers of the past

In groups of 4-5 you are required to research one explorer.
The following jobs must be filled:
  • ·      Sketch artist – you will sketch a picture of the person/group you researched
  • ·      Mapper – Draw a map of the journey your explorer went on
  • ·      Researcher - Research details of your explorer and pass the information along to the writer
  • ·      Journalist – record the Biography information on the worksheet.
  • ·      Director – THIS JOB IS ONLY REQUIRED IF THERE ARE FIVE IN YOUR GROUP. Your job is to ensure everyone stays on track and to complete any job that will help the group to complete the task.

Everyone will be required to present their work to the rest of the class. All group members are to report one fact to the rest of the class.

Biography templates as well as sketching paper can be found at the front of the room.

Please follow the links below to find out information about your explorer.


Luis Vaez de Torres

William Janz

Dirk Hartog

Abel Tasman

William Dampier

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