This page will have any links or resources that you will need to complete your homework each week 

Term 4 Week 5 
Science: Australian Landforms

Task: research a natural Australian landform. Choose one from the images on the link below (you need to scroll to the bottom of the page).

Do some research to complete these tasks and find the answers to these questions:
- Draw a picture or print off a photo
- What is it called?
- How was it made? 
- Why would scientists be interested in learning about it? 
- Any other interesting or cool facts you have discovered about the landform?

Some of these websites might help you




Spelling: Dictionary meanings
Task - Use a dictionary to find the meanings of at least 8 of your words (that you might not know). Write the definitions in your own words into your book.

Mathletics: complete the chance and data activities 

Times tables: if you would like to practise your times tables, the link below has some fun games and activities.


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