Monet - landscapes

Click on the links below to learn how to paint a landscape like Monet.

You will have a few lessons to complete it so don't rush your work. Take your time and listen carefully to the instructor.


First Fleet Drawing

Watch this video: They have come to stay
View the following images

Uluru Artworks

How to back your artwork onto black cardboard (3B only)

The Twits

This video will help you when completing The Twits art project.

1. Watch this video.
2. Collect art paper and the sketch you would like to complete - these can be found at the front of the room.
3. Sketch your drawing lightly with pencil - make sure it fills the majority of the paper.
4. Collect a felt tip pen from your teacher and draw over your sketch.
5. Paint with watercolours - remember to start lightly.

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