3S - Class Adventures and Learning

STEM Christmas Tree Challenge

3S students were provided with two pieces of paper, 4 paddle pop sticks, 3 straws and masking tape to create a Christmas tree that could stand on its own. They did a great job! It was interesting to discuss the different approaches that were taken and how different all the trees looked.

An interactive version of Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne

On Wednesday 21st September it was World Gratitude Day (and International Peace Day)! We spent some time thinking about all of the things that we have to be thankful for, and who we are thankful to. 

We have so much to be thankful for - including a wonderful term of learning, our daily needs being met constantly, amazing family and friends, God, who sent Jesus to die for us on the cross so that we can have eternal life and so much more!


Well done to these students for getting full marks in their spelling tests!

Term 3, Week 5:Emma, Jacob, Liam S and Oskar
Term 3, Week 6: Lucas, Riley, Zoe, Emma and Kate
Term 3, Week 7: Lily, Yujin, Liam C, Abbie, David, Jacob, Arielle, Zoe, Anna, Riley, Oskar, Lucas
Term 3, Week 8: Kate, Abbie, Lucas, Oskar, Remy, Anna, Jacob, Harry, Riley, Giaan, Lily, Jack, Ewan, David and Yujin!

Fractions on a number line




*Spelling Super Stars*
Well done to these students for getting full marks in their spelling tests!
Term 3, Week 4: Jack, Emma, Riley, Harry, Yujin, Jacob, Oskar 
Term 3, Week 2: Lily, Amelia, Emma, Jack, Riley, and Oskar 

Term 3, Week 1: Remy, Liam C, Abbie, Kate, Emma, David, Jacinta, Arielle, Zoe and Riley

The Earth's Environment
We started our new combined Geography and Science today. 3S had to create something with plasticine and think about how they would want people to treat their creations.

Welcome to See Saw! Watch the introduction video below 

to go with the notes you have. 

Fractured Fairy Tale Exploring

Click on the link below and read through some of the 

fractured fairy tale examples, written by other children!


Dream Time Stories 
All of Stage 2 have been learning about NAIDOC week this term. Most recently students have been exploring different dream time stories. They are working in small groups to creatively present a story of their choice. 3S have been having lots of fun doing this! 

*Spelling Super Stars*
Well done to these students for getting full marks in their spelling tests!

Week 9 - Remy, Liam C, Amelia, Emma, David, Jacinta, Jacob, Elleri, Liam S, Anna and Riley!

Week 8 - Remy, Yujin, Liam C, Gabriella, Amelia, Emma, Jacob, Arielle, Zoe, Jack, Harrison, Liam S, Anna, Riley, Oskar, Lucas. A class record!!

Week 7 - Dominic, Remy, Yujin, Gabriella, Emma, Jacinta, Zoe, Elleri, Anna, Riley

3S spent some time thinking about some things they are thankful for today :-)

We also reflected on the learning we have done this week - each child has brought their reflection home. This is a great chance to have a conversation about what we have been doing at school. 

Learning about Division!
We have been making arrays to explore division and help us to make the link between multiplication and division. It's been great to work in groups to share our learning and help each other along the way. 

*Spelling Super Stars*

Well done to these students for getting full marks in their spelling tests!

Week 6 - Oskar, Zoe, Abbie, Riley, Emma, Dominic

Week 5 - Remy, Yujin, Jack, Elleri, Liam C, Harry, Emma, Liam S, David, Riley, Jacob and Oskar!

Week 4 - Abbie, Gabriella, Jacob, Giaan, Jack, Elleri, Harry, Liam S and Lucas!

Week 3 - Gabriella, David, Jacinta, Arielle, Jack, Elleri and Riley!
We have been having lots of fun learning about 2D shapes and their features. It was great to draw some irregular polygons and use pattern blocks to find out which shapes tessellate on their own and which can tessellate with other shapes. 

3S have had a wonderful start to Term 2! We got straight back into our learning and have already done lots of great work. It has been especially great to see how much the students are enjoying reading! Each day we have a short period of quiet reading time after recess. Students have been so engaged in reading a wide range of books! 

There have also been some spectacular sunrises and sunsets this week! I took these photos on my way home one afternoon this week. 

Psalm 19:1-4
The heavens declare the glory of God;
    the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
 Day after day they pour forth speech;
    night after night they reveal knowledge.

They have no speech, they use no words;

    no sound is heard from them.
 Yet their voice[b] goes out into all the earth,
    their words to the ends of the world.
In the heavens God has pitched a tent for the sun.

3S have started exploring and thinking about 'growth mindset' - how their brains think and work. So far we have talk about the brain being like muscle - the harder we worker it, the stronger it gets! We have also talked about the significance of the word YET - we aren't allowed to say "I can't do this.." but we CAN say "I can't do this yet!" We are learning to persevere and keep trying. When things are hard our brains are working hard and we are learning and growing. Mr Coote has also been coming to share in some of this learning time with us. Last week he spoke to us about self talk and the importance of the way that we speak to ourselves. Everyone in 3S had to think of 2-4 things they are GOOD or GREAT at and write them down. We have started a positive self talk wall to encourage ourselves. 

For homework, students need to write a sizzling start for the topic "children should do homework" on the padlet below.

Here is an example of a sizzling start for the topic "children should have pets". Read it carefully to get some ideas for your own sizzling start. Make sure your writing is 5 star writing! Capital letters and punctuation are important. Read through your writing to check that it makes sense. 

You get home after a long day of school, feeling tired and not looking forward to doing your homework. As you walk through the door, THUMP. You look down and your dog has run to the door to say hello. Her tail is wagging so fast and she is practically jumping with excitement! Filled with energy and joy, you laugh loudly and give her a big pat, no longer feeling tired. Having a pet at home is like living with your best friend. Why wouldn’t you have a pet?

Today we had our last Bounce (gymnastics) session for the year. 3S have enjoyed their time doing gymnastics and have improved in lots of their skills. Here are some group photos from today. To see more photos, including some action shots, click this link


3S have been working hard on their group projects about people that have shaped and changed the Australian Spirit and Culture. They have been learning about how to be good group members, how to cooperate and make decisions as a team. Their projects are looking great! 

To go with our Australia Day unit, we have started making flag collages. To make a collage we had to use different craft materials and rip the pieces up and stick them on. We had to make sure the colours were correct for the flags too. 

Here are some of our Personality Name Tags - some of them aren't quite finished yet. 

Students had to think about things that were important or special to them and use these things to create the letters of their names. 3S were incredibly creative - they look amazing! 


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